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The oldest Riesling vines on the farm are 30 years old. They are planted on high lime Cazenovia loam soils. All the Riesling is trained on V.S.P. (vertical shoot positioning), this allows for optimum sun and air exposure to fully develop the grape's flavors. In order to insure safe delivery and avoid breakage, wine ships in quantities of 3, 6, 9 and 12 only!
  1. 2016 Riesling


    This wine is layered with aromas of white clover, buckwheat fields, and sun-ripened apricots. It leads the palate to honest flavors of honey crisp apples, kefir lime, and tangerines, a distinct flavor profile for Riesling vines of the Cayuga Lake Appellation.

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  2. Our 2016 Single Wheel Dry Riesling is a well-balanced, bright wine. It radiates juiciness and Riesling fruit character, while maintaining a sturdy backbone of minerality: a soft spoken flavor of Bosc pear and white peach. Single Wheel is a distinctive wine, characteristic of its site, season and region. It can be enjoyed now, or saved for future tastings. Collect multiple vintages to create a vertical tasting and follow the Single Wheel vineyard from season to season! Learn More
  3. The 2016 Hosmer Dry Riesling nose begins with citrus blossom and Fuji apple going to bright fruit flavors of honey crisp apple, lemon zest and lime in the front palate finishing with subtle cedar spice and mouthwatering acidity. Learn More
  4. The grapes that are selected for the Limited Release Riesling are the grapes with the most unique flavors and varietal characters. Thise is a rich deep wine with an ample palate weight and texture. Lime and grapefruit with a subtle essence of pineapple start out in the beginning with a slatey minerality to the finish of balanced acidity. This Riesling is showing nice bottle maturity and finishes long and smooth. Reciever of "Overall Best Riesling" in New York from the 33rd Annual NY Wine Classic! Learn More
  5. Red raspberry and cherry pop on the nose of our Patrician Verona Riesling. Lime blossom balances out this rich and textured wine. Learn More
  6. Naomi

    "Naomi", a name that has run in the Hosmer family for some time, is said to mean 'pleasantness'. A fitting word to describe this fun, bubbly, force carbonated Riesling. The nose of this Riesling brings forward rich mandarin and raspberry along with well-balanced carbonation. The finish is filled with hints of lemon zest and cherry blossom. Use for mimosas or drink alone, this versatile and enjoyable wine is ready for any occasion. Learn More
  7. For two weeks around Thanksgiving, the fruit to be picked for our "Late Pick" Riesling was thinned to leave behind only the sweetest fruit. On December 4, 2017, four tons of botrytized were handpicked, destemmed, and crushed. Rich and juicy, this wine brings honeyed plums, yellow peaches, and nectarines to the nose and mid-palate. The finish is opulent, carried by notes of apricot marmalade. Learn More