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Hosmer Sparkling wine is a representation of the culture, respect and knowledge given to the grapes in a union of viticulture and oenological understanding. We, at Hosmer, strive to bring only the truest forms of grape preservation, represented by the pinnacle of the secondary bottle fermented, Methode Traditional. Sparkling wine is a natural for parties, anniversaries and many special occasions. Try it as an aperitif with savory appetizers like oysters or pate. In order to insure safe delivery and avoid breakage, wine ships in quantities of 3, 6, 9 and 12 only!
  1. Brut Rose

    Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes. Raspberry and lavender aromas begin the nose, offering violet and current, moving to a front palate of Bing cherry and wild black plum. Learn More
  2. Produced using the traditional Methode Champenoise technique, involving a secondary fermentation that occurs in each bottle. Made from 100% Cayuga White, the delicate fruit character fills the mouth with ripe apple, pear, and honey flavors. The swirling, enchanting, tiny bubbles leave the mouth crisp and refreshed. Serve at a dinner party with Lively Run Dairy's Cayuga Blue Goat Cheese.

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  3. Made from 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir, Perla was produced using the traditional Methode Champenoise technique, involving a secondary fermentation that occurs in each bottle. This classic champagne style sparkling wine is fine and elegant with subtle notes of pear and honey. The name Perla, Italian for Pearl, is in honor of the 30 years Hosmer Winery has dedicated to making fine wine in the European tradition on Cayuga Lake. 

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  4. Naomi

    "Naomi", a name that has run in the Hosmer family for some time, is said to mean 'pleasantness'. A fitting word to describe this fun, bubbly, force carbonated Riesling. The nose of this Riesling brings forward rich mandarin and raspberry along with well-balanced carbonation. The finish is filled with hints of lemon zest and cherry blossom. Use for mimosas or drink alone, this versatile and enjoyable wine is ready for any occasion. Learn More
  5. Methode Champenoise made from 100% native Catawba grapes. Historically, Hosmer Winery was founded on wines made from hybrid and native grapes. As a 2015 vintage, this wine began as a side project for the previous winemaker, Aaron Roisen. The wine brings plenty of fruit to the nose and palate such as fresh grapes and nectarine. Learn More