Stewardship and land preservation were some of the final goals upon the purchase of the Hosmer farm in the early 1930s. Four generations later, when good land stewardship, sustainability, and ecological awareness is a global concern to more than just agricultural producers, Hosmer Winery is proud to be a leader in economically friendly wine production as a fully functioning estate winery. By preserving and building soil and exploring new ways to reduce environmental impacts, the vines can inhabit a site less altered by modern agricultural input.

Awards and Recognition

We have completed the Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) survey which is a complete assessment of our agricultural practices and their environmental impact. We proudly wear the title of “Lake Friendly Farm” for our continued conservation efforts. In addition, we have been awarded a National Conversation Stewardship Award for past conservation practices.

Additional Efforts

We are quickly moving towards the complete removal of plastic foil around our bottles. As for our bottles, we also use eco-friendly lightweight glass packaging. Tending to our 70 acres of vineyard led to the use of biofuel in our vineyard equipment. Our on-site weather station is connected with Cornell University’s weather monitoring system to use state-of-the-art pest and disease forecast models.