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Your Thanksgiving Wine Guide

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The approaching Holidays cannot be ignored! In no time, you’ll need to start planning your Thanksgiving get-together, dinner, and recipes. Although the Thanksgiving get-togethers might be downsized this year (thanks, COVID), here are some tips, tricks, recipes, and suggestions for making the most out of your Thanksgiving.

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First and foremost, let’s talk about wine. Below is a general wine & food pairing guide that can be used for any occasion.

Use this general guide to help you decide what wines will pair well with your specific Thanksgiving offerings. For example, a Sparkling Wine is a great way to begin your festivities. This will pair well with light charcuterie and also help you kick-off your holiday festivities…not to mention it’ll make great mimosas to sip on while cooking. Try our Blanc de Noirs for your initial toast or our Sparkling Wine with your apps or mimosas! Not big into bubbles? A light Dry Riesling such as our 2017 Limited Release Riesling or a bright Pinot Gris will also be great starters for your festivities. Try out one of these appetizer ideas below: (click to view recipe)

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As for your main meal, most households hold your classic Turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy meals. With whatever side dishes you have, we suggest the following wines to help compliment your entire Thanksgiving plate!

2019 Pinot Noir: Our #1 Thanksgiving wine choice. A light and round bodied dry red wine. Perfect as a compliment for your entire meal. Be sure to include some cranberry sauce to bring out the berry on the palate of this wine!

2018 Chardonnay: As a lightly oaked Chardonnay, this wine is a bit more fruit-forward with a touch of sweet oak. A dry and slightly acidic wine that is very palate & food-friendly.

2019 Dry Rosé of Cabernet Franc: You may be surprised, but a Dry Rosé can also fit the bill for your go-to Thanksgiving wine. The fruit pairs nicely with any cranberry or fruit salad all whilst remaining light & complimentary with your herbs. If you prefer a heavier wine, go with a Cabernet Franc, a bold, full, & dry red.

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Don’t think we forgot about dessert! Dessert can be fun to pair with wines due to the wide range of flavor profiles. Our go-to is Riesling. While we love Dry Riesling with our main meals, a little bit of residual sugar is good for dessert. Our 2018 Patrician Verona Riesling or 2018 Semi-Dry Riesling are good examples of a compromise for a not-too-sweet option. These semi-sweet & fruit-driven Rieslings will go great with an Apple Pie or Fruit Tart. For something a little more dessert style, try a Late Harvest Riesling or Ice Wine. These are perfect served by themselves or paired with a small treat. Need some dessert inspiration apart from your classic pumpkin pie? Check these recipes out:

Now, again, these are just suggestions.  We always say, “Good wine is wine you like!” Any wine will pair nicely as long as you enjoy it. We wish everyone a safe holiday season filled with warmth and cheer. If you make any of our recipes, we’d love to see it! Tag us in photos on Facebook (@ Hosmer Winery) or Instagram (@hosmerwinery) with your Thanksgiving goodies.


Cheers from the Hosmer Team!